Who We Are

At Divine Heart Metaphysical Institute, Inc., we feel we are on the cutting edge of energy healing techniques to expand the Consciousness of Humanity. We believe we have uncovered valuable information that many people are waiting for in their desire to deepen their understanding of themselves.

Our experience is that people who do this work discover powerful shifts in their energy, vibration, and level of awareness. Our main office is in Florida but there is no limit to where our services are provided. Sessions are given by phone, Skype, and via other online services. In Florida we teach classes, private sessions, workshops, and offer support groups. Divine Heart Metaphysical Institute’s potential reach is unlimited and open to people who desire to make positive changes in their lives.

What Makes Us Different

The curriculum at Divine Heart Metaphysical Institute, Inc. is founded on a number of unique principles and tenets which are the basis for rapid spiritual healing and growth.  Such as:


Emotion as Consciousness

Vital to our work at the Institute is the premise that all things have consciousness, awareness, and the ability to interact. It is possible to engage in clear, meaningful conversation with any type of consciousness one chooses, including that of one’s Soul, as well as the consciousness of various emotions. This eye-opening principle allows for a much more rapid way of releasing trauma and anger than more traditional approaches afford. Given all emotions are made of consciousness, when understood and treated with respect, they will simply leave the body, easily, of their own accord. We teach step-by-step techniques for connecting with consciousness.


Vibration is Key

Another tenet we embrace is the idea that every inanimate item and living thing carries its own unique signature vibration. By learning to recognize differences between vibrations, one can obtain information on any subject one wishes to inquire about. With practice, anyone can develop the ability to feel vibration and thus be able to derive answers to basic questions, such as:  Which area would be best for me to live in? Would this person be a good match for me? Is this particular food healthy for my body? As one progresses, the same approach can be applied to ascertain solutions to more significant issues, such as whether or not one is truly connecting with one’s heart or the discovery of one’s Soul purpose.   

A Personal Relationship with Creator

We hold the belief that all individuals can attain a deeply personal connection with Creator, which is what Creator desires. Being able to experience this close relationship involves developing the ability to connect with consciousness, as well as gaining familiarity with the specific, unique vibration belonging to Creator. Again, this is something we teach, through utilization of proven protocols that assist one in becoming better at feeling vibration. Most people discover that communicating with Creator fulfills a deep longing within. Creator is very caring and enjoys conversing in a direct loving manner, as would a best friend or an attentive parent.

Would you like to know

more about Creator?


Read about the life of ascended master Serapis Bey.


Interested in learning more?  We offer one-on-one sessions, energy work, seminars, and classes.

What is a Mystery School?

A mystery school is designed to empower its students by helping them uncover the illusions that are currently being represented as reality -- illusions that have been keeping the individual from experiencing his or her true self.

The mystery school stands as a beacon of higher truth amidst the intentional veiling of Humanity from its divine origin. According to science, people use less than ten percent of their brains. A true mystery school teaches individuals how to access the other ninety percent of consciousness.

Ascended master Serapis Bey has said: The mystery school debunks all the illusions of our existence, and brings forth the true mystery of who Creator is, and the design of what life is supposed to be.

Serapis Bey invites anyone who feels the desire and has the fortitude to come and experience a different reality. Our Metaphysical Institute offers students an opportunity to discover the true knowing of self.

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